Fill up with Nitrogen

Nitrogen air is highly recommended for the pumping up your tyres rather than using normal air, this is down to the fact that tyres pumped with nitrogen air maintain their pressure for a longer period of time. When using nitrogen your tyres will generate a lower temperature which increases their durability.

When tyres become hotter through usage the pressure of the inflation increases. This decreases the tyres foot print on the road surface. This can result in your tyres losing grip. Presto tyres recommend always filling your tyres with nitrogen which will allow them to run at a low temperature.

Why Nitrogen

Nitrogen escapes through the tyres tube at a much slower rate than air, this is because of the difference in the molecular structure. Nitrogen tyres maintain their original state for around six months, where as tyres pupped with compressed air can loose 0.14 kilopascals in around a month after filling.

Presto Tyres promise to provide the best oil maintenance services to keep your engine up to speed. Let Presto perform your next oil change and find out why our company is trusted by its customers for maintenance, repair and oil change services. Sticking to pumping up your tires with nitrogen will improve your road handling and grip and increase your tyres life by up to 20%