Break pad repairs are a common service that is more commonly expected by automotive servicing companies. Brakes are of course one of the most important functions of your vehicle, if these are not working correctly or checked regularly you are putting yourself and your passengers in danger. Your vehicles tell you whenever it needs a brake pad change. So it’s time for you to visit a brake pad change service in Dubai. There is no doubt that brakes are one of the important parts of your vehicle. Our brake pad change service in Dubai cost lower than most of the other brake pad replacement companies in Dubai.

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Need of Replacement

The reason for brake replacement being an increasing popular service for Auto companies is because brakes are specifically designed to eventually wear down, this will increase your stopping distance or even affect your braking systems altogether. Brake pads rub against the brake disk to halt your vehicle, driving with worn pads can be dangerous hence the reasoning for checking these regularly or when experiencing any noticeable braking issues.

Car brake pad replacement is required for your vehicle if you notice any of these signs:

  • Spongy brake pad
  • When you apply the brake, it pulls into one side.
  • Vibration
  • Squealing and grinding noise

Presto tyres Dubai encourage the safety of clients, that’s why our dedicated team of specialist engineers is always at your service to ensure your safety is at the foremost of our services. We have a highly technical team of mechanics who work with advanced equipment for your brake pad change in Dubai.

Presto tyres are an experienced brake pad change service company in Dubai. We always provide quality service for all our loyal clients. Our mechanics do the brake pad replacement with all necessary tools and perfectly do the job. Make an appointment with presto tyres and we will take care of your brake pad replacement and retain the original performance of your vehicle.

  • Experienced technicians for car brake pad replacement.
  • Advanced equipment
  • Serve customers with 100% customer satisfaction
  • One year warranty for the replaced part